It’s a boy!

It is not an uncommon practice to pierce a baby girl’s ears from a very early age. I think the first time that I was told that I needed to get Alia’s ears pierced she would have been maybe 3 weeks old. Considering that I don’t have my ears pierced I didn’t feel that it was necessary to rush out and get Alia’s done whilst she is still a baby.

I have subsequently learnt that pierced ears are not just for beautification. They are in fact THE ONLY way of distinguishing the gender of a baby. At the end of October we celebrated Eid al-Adha. Local custom is too dress up in new outfits and spend the day visiting and receiving family and friends. I had a cute outfit for Alia consisting of a little pink dress with pink jacket, pink pants, pink hat and to top it all off had her wrapped in a pink blanket as it as a bit cold out on the day.

We were visiting at a relatives house and at the same time we were there, there was also some other people visiting. I didn’t know the other family that were visiting and gathered that Atef only knew them through association. I was listening in on the conversation between Atef’s Uncle and the other man. The man asked Atef’s uncle if Alia was a boy or a girl. Atef’s uncle replied that she was a girl. The man said are you sure as she doesn’t have her ears pierced.

I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. Here was my little girl dressed head to toe in pink, but her gender was in question because she didn’t have earings!

IMG_0030 size reduced

One response to “It’s a boy!

  1. Hi Andrea, I was talking to your Mum and she gave me your Blog address. I have also given it to Tash. I look forward to following your interesting life in Jordan. Take care Leonie Leech

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