Narl the leader of the trashy cats

Our rubbish collection is done using large bins that are placed on the road at various intervals. There is no individual, house by house collection. The large communal bins are emptied by the council every 3-4 days. I have tried to work out the schedule for the garbage trucks but it eludes me. It’s certainly not at a set time/day every week like I’m used to in Australia. Just another random thing about living here!

The presence of the large bins unfortunately attracts unwanted visitors in the way of stray cats. In the older areas of town where there are lots of bins there are lots of stray cats and the competition for any scraps of food is fierce and the cats aren’t in good condition. Where we live is a newer area of town and there still aren’t that many houses and therefore many bins. This means that there aren’t that many cats and as they don’t have to fight for any morsels that are found in the bin they are actually well nourished.

The head of the trashy cats in our area I have called Narl. My sister has a female domesticated cat called Narla and Narl reminds me so much of her and going with the Arabic way of the “a” sound on the end of the word denotes the female tense I have came up with Narl.

It’s such a pity that feral cats are such a problem as Narl really is a beautiful looking cat.

Narl size reduced November 2012 108 reduced

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