Welcome to a new time zone

For 2012 Jordan started daylights savings on Friday 30th March when clocks were turned forward one hour. So when does daylight savings time finish? Well this year it doesn’t.

The government canceled the switch from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time this year. We were originally set to turn back our clocks 1 hour on Friday 26th October. The decision to cancel the switch to Standard time or “Winter Time” was made on Wednesday 24th October. Yep that’s right folks, just three days notice was all we were given about this decision.

Now consider the state of Queensland in Australia. They don’t follow daylight savings time. Back in 1989-1991 daylights savings was introduced as a 3 year trial. In 1992 a referendum was held with the question, “Are you in favour of daylight saving?” It was defeated with a 54.5% no vote, but public opinion remains divided. And so 20 years later the results of that referendum stand.

Now back to Jordan. No referendum, no consultation, no engagement of the public, not even any preliminary discussion, just straight up decision that the time in Jordan is staying 1 hour ahead.

It certainly resulted in a bit of confusion for a few days as the public were unsure of whether firstly the announcement of the cancellation was real and then secondly whether the decision was final. Given the nature in which the decision was announced and the short notice it wouldn’t have surprised people if the decision was reversed just as hastily as the decision was made. But it has stayed – for now at least.

It also puts Jordan at odds with it’s neighbouring countries with similar longitudes (Egypt, Israel, Palestinian Territories) who are currently observing the time zone UTC + 2 whereas Jordan is now in time zone of UTC + 3 which is the same as countries further to the west such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

As we are getting towards the shortest day of the year and heading into winter I do feel for anyone who has to get up and go to work early in the morning. Spare a thought for the school children and teachers as they are having to get up around 6:00am which is 5:00am because the school day starts at 7-7:30am which is really 6-6:3oam. It’s still dark and very cold when they are going to school.

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