Cutting the (Birthday) Cake

There are lots of western traditions that have been adopted here in the Middle East. Not always are they adopted in the correct fashion or with the correct meaning.

The cutting of a wedding cake is high symbolic to the newlyweds because they are not just eating together, it is the first marked point that they actually perform a task jointly and share food as a married union. This signifies the beginning of a lifelong commitment to basically be there for each other. This image is even more special because the experience is openly shared with family, friends and additional attending guests.

For Atef’s 30th birthday this year I organised for one of the chefs at Amra Palace Hotel to make a chocolate cake and I invited all of Atef’s family over for dessert.

There was cake… needed to be cut…….it was absolutely insisted that I must, had to, cut the cake with Atef. At first I thought that the family was just wanting me to be in the photo with Atef, but no after looking blankly at those who were giving me the instruction which were in Arabic, finally Atef’s sister came over, grabbed my hand and placed it on Atef’s.

I’m trying not to burst out loud laughing in this photo!

Cutting the cake

Interesting out of all the weddings that I been too here in Wadi Musa (about 15) there has only been 1 that has had a cake that was cut by the bride and groom.

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