Family Friday in the Sun

Friday in the Middle East is the first day of our weekend. After Friday prayers families comes together and share a meal and each others company. Today the family came to us.

Atef wasn’t home as he had headed to Amman for the day on business and I was settling in for a quiet day at home. At 12:00 Atef rang me to say that his family were coming around to our house for a bbq. After a mad scramble to get the house presentable and quickly change as I was still in my pj’s the family arrived.

It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day and our house provides a lovely sheltered area that takes full advantage of the sun from morning to late afternoon. Compared to where Atef’s Mum and Dad live which is more exposed and doesn’t get any of the afternoon sun. The family had obviously decided that they wanted to make the most of the sun and here in Jordan within families it’s a bit of a case of your house is our house, so our house was their house for the day. I would have used to freak out or get really annoyed that they would just turn up uninvited or on really short notice and even more so with not having Atef around (I have limited Arabic the family asides from Zeyad have limited English), but I now just roll with it.

It was a lovely day. The family that came around were Atef’s Mum and Dad, his sister Sumera and her little boy Sultan, his sister Atarf and her two children Mohammed and Touleen, his brother Zeyad, and his brother Tallal with his wife Halima and their three boys Sohiab,  Nawras and Ahmed. Add me and Alia and we had 8 adults and 7 kids. We had a delicious lunch of chicken cooked over hots coals, rice,  salad, yoghurt and bread sitting outside in the winter’s sun.


Sultan, Alia and Zeyad


Atef”s Mum, Sumera, Sultan, Touleen and Alia


Zeyad and Ahmed


Nawras, Sohiab, Atef’s Mum and Dad, Sultan and Tallal.


Atef’s Dad and Sultan


Mohammed, Touleen, Atef’s Dad, Nawras, Zeyad, Ahmed and Sohiab


Ahmed, Touleen and Mohammed


Alia enjoying the sun.


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