Censorship of the Naughty P & B words

I have a great selection of English channels to choose from when watching TV. In fact I have about 30 to choose from covering everything from news, movies, sitcoms, documentaries, cooking and more. One of my favourite go to channels is FOX which has all the lastest sitcoms from America and much to my delight airs some of the reality TV shows from Australia such as Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, The Block and Junior Masterchef. Ok so I know that these TV shows are not to everyone’s liking or to a great standard, but to be able to watch an hour of TV where the people are talking in the same accent is a dose of comfort to me.

A few months ago when I was watching Masterchef they kept bleeping out Gary and George. I couldn’t work it out. I was sure that Masterchef was rated PG in Australia and aired in a time slot that didn’t allow swearing. Yet here were bleeps going off left right and centre. Maybe Masterchef had become more risque since I’d left Australia.

Then it suddenly clicked. The main ingredient for the mystery box challenge was Pork. It was the word Pork that was being bleeped out. They were also bleeping out the word bacon. No wonder there was so much bleeping going on. It wasn’t a case of George and Gary’s potty mouth, but the use of the words Pork and Bacon that would be found offensive to a Middle Eastern audience.

But much to my amusement the words prosciutto,  ham and pancetta were allowed to stay!  And even more amusing is that on a rival channel Fatafeat which is a 24/7 cooking channel the words Bacon and Pork are allowed. Censorship of the TV channels is certainly not very consistent. It is all dependent in which country the company that owns the TV channel is based. Anything out owned out of Saudi Arabia and Iran is highly censored. From the UAE moderately censored and out of Lebanon not so much.


2 responses to “Censorship of the Naughty P & B words

  1. I never noticed the censoring until fairly recently, when we started watching Man vs Food. You know, that boy eats a lot of pork and I was constantly amused at the censoring of pork, but words like ham, etc getting through. Interesting life we have here, isn’t it?

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