Come to Zurich – things work here!

Back at the start of this year there was a serious of advertisement aired on CNN by Zurich Tourism and one of the ads targeted expats living in the Middle East. The first time I saw the ad targeting expats in the Middle East was when Mum was visiting and it was only a few days after we had moved into our new house.

This is the transcript for the ad when it originally aired:

Life in the Middle East as an expat can be tough. That’s why I like taking my family to Zurich. Things work here. Getting around is easy. Everything’s clean and safe. Zurich’s great for family fun. To me it’s like a breath of fresh air.

The ad actually caused a bit of controversy as people found it offensive and transcript was changed to be the life of an International Expat can be tough.

I have to say that I didn’t find it offensive, I found it funny. Mum and I both found the line “Things work here” to be hilarious as we were 3 days into having moved into a new house where things weren’t working.

It become a bit of a running joke between us that when things weren’t going to plan or working that we would say “Time to go to Zurich” or something similar to that effect. Even now when when I’m having a rough day and things aren’t working and if I’m talking to Mum I’ll say that I need to go to Zurich and she knows exactly where I’m coming from. Sometimes you need to laugh about the situation and make a joke of it otherwise I would sit in the corner and cry! (Not to say that there aren’t days when I don’t do that as well!!)

NB. The photo on the blog front page is of Zurich and courtesy of Zurich Tourism. I haven’t been to Zurich.

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