Not quite to my taste!

I will have to write several posts on this topic as I have a wealth of stories to share. But here’s a quick one for a laugh.

Most (meaning 99%) of the home furnishings here in the Jordan are not to my taste. When it came to buying furniture for our house it was an epic task to find furniture that was simple, neutral and to my western taste . It is possible to find western styled furniture if you are willing to take out a whole second mortgage just to pay for it!

This is just an example of what I could have had for a lounge setting if I so desired. And yes the red table with the pink fake flowers is part of the setting. As a bonus you even get the flowers! You can just make out in the back of this sofa that there is a red love heart which is part of another sofa which yes also belongs to the set. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get a more detailed photo of the other matching pieces but I was trying to be¬†inconspicuous.

Pink and red lounge setting


And I kid you not when I say that this” lovely” sofa in “muted” tones would be put into a room not with walls painted in white or cream, but painted also hot pink and red with maybe some black stencil design over the top. That’s not either hot pink or red, but both in the same room. There’s more than 1 wall in a room so why limit yourself to just one colour. Ok I know that you think that I’m having a lend, but really believe me I’m not. I have been into houses like what I’ve just described. One of the best that I’ve seen to date living here is a living room that had 4 different shades of green (olive green, dark leaf green, grass green and pistachio green) with a painted fake orange brick pattern feature stripe around the doors which complemented the plaster columns that framed the door which were painted yellow. The furniture had been chosen specially to match the paint job and was ummmmm….. how could I even start to describe it…….in the colours of Hawthorn football club with various patterns (stripes, florals and block colours). And yes there were tassles and fringing! I can’t remember what the curtains were like – too much sensory overload going on!


4 responses to “Not quite to my taste!

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  2. That is hilarious… I had a good giggle reading this. My husband just came back from Jordan and I am hoping to visit one day.

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