The sunshine is beautiful!

I have a feeling that I’m going to be hearing “Shams halo” a lot this winter. This translate in English to “the sunshine is beautiful”.

The location of where we have built our house and the style of the house certainly takes advantage of the beautiful winter sun that we get in Jordan. Average temperatures in December are about 15 degrees Celsius, in January 13 degrees Celsius and then back to 15 degrees Celsius for February. Add to those temps wind chill factors and finding a warm spot is at a premium during the winter months.  (I’m not complaining as I know there are a lot of places that are significantly colder in winter.)

I have taken to starting my day by having my morning cup of tea out the side of our house which gets the morning sun. Providing that there’s no wind I can soak in the sun rays, whilst sipping on my cup of tea and on days like today get quite “hot”.

Then our balcony (with the amazing views) takes over in the afternoon and receives it share of the wonderful warming rays. Alia and I enjoy sitting out there and having our afternoon tea and a play.

Even on days when the wind is blowing and makes actually sitting outside not a possibility, we have built our house with large window to maximise the amount of sunshine coming in. I have my favorite nook in the house and at the moment there is Arabic style mattress seating there and it’s a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sun.

The lovely sun that we are recieving hasn’t gone unnoticed by Atef’s family. I wrote a post about the family all turning up for a bbq a couple of Fridays ago so that they could enjoy the sun for the afternoon. Yesterday Atef’s dad popped in to say hello to Alia and found us sitting out on the balcony. I got told a number of times “Shams halo” to which I have to respond that it really is and how lucky we are. He tells me that Atef’s mum think that the sun we get is very beautiful and then he tells me that tomorrow he was going to bring Atef’s mum around in the afternoon so that she could sleep in the sun.

Well sure enough today there was a knock on the door at 3pm and Atef’s mum and sister are there and made their way straight out to the balcony. The arabic style mattress seating is taken outside “Shams halo” declared about a dozen times and then they both proceed to sleep in the sun.

I’ve said before that here within families that it’s very much about my house is your house and your house is my house. I didn’t realise that this applies to “my” sunshine as well. So it is looking like I’m going to be sharing my halo shams this winter!

This is a photo of Alia and Daddy enjoying the sun on the balcony the other day.

Alia and Daddy in the sun

It got a bit bright for Alia!

Alia with mummy's sunglasses


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