A Shepherd and his Sheep, A Grandpa and his Grandchildren

Today we a had lovely relaxed unplanned family day. Atef and I had originally planned to head out to the countryside for a bbq, but being March the wind blew in along with the dust from the desert. It wasn’t so bad as to have to stay inside, but we decided to have a bbq at our house. And it turned out for the best.

As Atef was setting up the bbq outside his Dad came walking down the hill behind our house bringing his sheep with him. He was bringing his sheep from the valley where his small farm lot is, up and over the hills and into the valley where our house is located searching out the spring growth. The land around his farm lot has all been ploughed and sowed with crops, not leaving any grazing land for the sheep. The hill behind our house and down into the valley offers feed for the sheep.

It was perfect timing and he was able to join us for lunch while keeping a watchful eye on the flock.


IMG_0472 IMG_0453

After we had finished our bbq lunch of chicken, potatoes and onions, Alia and I enjoyed moseying with her Grandpa after the sheep. Alia very excitedly talked to the sheep and made the appropriate “baa baa” sounds.




I ducked inside to put Alia down for her afternoon nap and came back outside to sit with Atef’s dad, and Atef’s brother, sister, her little boy and Atef’s Mum turned up.

Atef’s Dad just loves his grandchildren and totally dotes on them and loves to spend time with them.

IMG_0428 IMG_0454 IMG_0479 IMG_0478

When Alia woke up she and I, had a lovely time playing cubby houses with her Aunty and Cousin, whilst Atef and his brother watched the soccer (Jordan vs Japan) and Atef’s mum sat out on the balcony watching over the sheep and her husband.

It was a lovely afternoon with the family with everyone relaxed and enjoying each others company.

I should point out that I call the animals sheep, whereas they are definitely goats, but sheep is what everyone here calls them so I just go with it!

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