Neighbourhood Watch

Or in my case the friendly “Family Watch”.  I was sprung today!

Weather wise the last 2 days have gone back to very blustery, cold wintry weather. We even had a few skiffs of rain today. Alia and I were feeling a bit cooped up and I decided that even though it was cold out it was nothing that a few extra layers of clothes, a raincoat for me and the rain cover for her pram couldn’t fix. So we rugged up and headed out.


I have to say that I actually enjoy going for a walk when the weather out is a bit bleak as it means that I don’t have the usual audience as everyone is inside in front of their heater. That is except for Atef’s cousin. He was outside feeding the goats as we were walking back home.

Well by the time I had reached the house my phone was ringing and it was Atef. He was ringing to let me know that he’s just been called to tell him that I was out walking in the cold with Alia. As it was Atef already knew because Alia and I had called him before we headed out. Atef wasn’t fussed at all that I was going out walking. He was amused as much as I was that the friendly family watch was working in full effect.

I’m sure that Atef’s cousin thought that I certifiably crazy. I do remember once being told by a concerned extended family member that you should never take babies out in the wind. Today it was not only windy but wet and freezing to boot and he would have felt that Atef needed to know that his wife was partaking in crazy behaviour, not just on her own but with his daughter! Atef already knows that I’m crazy, but he also knows that his daughter was warm and cozy in her pram underneath the rain cover.

Alia and I had a lovely walk and Atef and I had a chuckle about me being his crazy Western wife!

I spotted this most unusual but very beautiful flower.


I also spotted these pretty pink flowers.

IMG_1624 IMG_1636

Even the thistles coming out into bloom were a striking purple against the grey of the sky.


It was changeover time for the shepherds. The shepherd in the black came and took over from the shepherd in the grey. They were both rugged up. Cold old day for looking after the sheep. I couldn’t see the sheep as they were down the hill.


4 responses to “Neighbourhood Watch

    • Thanks Melissa for the help and the compliment! I had never seen anything like it before – the petals feel almost like rice paper. They are obviously later bloomers as that was the first one that I had seen, but today when I went out walking again along the same track there were more of them showing their colours. I’m loving watching the progression of wildflowers through the season and also loving watching the first bloomers produce their various methods of propagation. All the different seeds pods and types are just as beautiful (although with less colour) as the flowers.

  1. Nothing goes unnoticed here. They must find you fancinating and unusual. So funny that they have to contact your husband. They could just call you too.

    • I think they worry that I don’t understand what they are saying as my husband’s cousin had said to me that it was too cold to be out and I just smiled and said it’s ok. They feel the need to call Atef to make sure that they know that I understand what they are saying. I get that quite a lot – if someone is trying to tell me something and I’m not automatically jumping to change whatever they are telling me about then they go and find an English speaker and bring them over so that I get the translated version. It’s so funny.

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