Last week I was over Jordan so I went to Australia

I’ve needed a break from Jordan this past week.  I just wasn’t into it. That’s meant I even needed to not blog about it. It’s just been one of those weeks and whilst I know that these happen to all of us regardless of where you live it was one of those weeks when it’s all the little things that happen because I live in Jordan that got to me. In turn when the little things get to me it’s hard not to let the big things tumble on it and join them.

But rather than focusing on the big things which as I said are the same the world over maybe it’s best that I tell you some of the little things so that we can all have a laugh together.

I cleaned this week. Not quite to the standards of Arabic cleaning, but none the less I gave the house a good clean, including washing the windows inside and out, getting rid of all the sand in the window sills, giving both balconies a scrub and hosing the pavers. It is May after all and we are past the season of dust and sand storms. Well that’s all good and well in theory. The very next day the wind blew from the south west and we probably had one of the worst dust storms of the spring.

Sand storm in Amman

This photo is of the dust storm in Amman. Photo credit It was like this in Wadi Musa also.

This is certainly not expected this late in the spring season. March yes, April the occasional dusty day, but May you certainly don’t expect days where the visibility is reduced to 1000m. It was so dusty that this caused lots of instability in the atmosphere which brought with it thunderstorm activity. Amman and further north got some quite heavy rain. We just got a few drops. Not lots but it was enough to rain mud on my clean windows and balconies! That and the window sills were full again with sand. Total waste of energy and time cleaning the day before. I didn’t see the irony or the funny side at the time. Still not quite at laughing stage, but at least smiling about it now.

My “expensive” clothes horse broke this week. The one that we had prior to the expensive one we bought when we got married. It was a cheap flimsy thing that collapsed if you looked at it the wrong way. If you can ask my Mum about it! Atef had applied a few fixes and I had also applied some as well. It finally gave up the ghost and collapsed beyond repair back in January after being left outside in the really heavy snowstorm. It had lasted just 2 years. I decided that I was going to go up market and buy the expensive clothes horse. The old one had cost 10JD (approx $15 Aus) so I lashed out and brought the shiny, more sturdy looking one for 18JD ($25 Aus). Looks can be deceiving and certainly were in the case of this clothes horse. I had spent 18JD on an expensive, shiny, flimsy, crappy clothes horse that broke after 4 months. So I might have vented my frustration and taken it out on the clothes horse, after all my clean washing was dumped all over the dusty balcony, by ceremoniously throwing it off the balcony. It made me feel better at the time. Now laughing!

Atef’s brother has finally moved into his new house which is on the road up from us. But not before it was subjected to several more days of cleaning. The day before they moved in the women turned up to clean. Up until this stage it had been me, Atef’s Dad and brothers cleaning. Even though we used a hose and hosed every possible surface several times over the house obviously needed the Jordanian woman’s touch! They cleaned to all hours of the night and so much water was used that the waterfall that had been created from the stairway when I had helped clean was nothing in comparison to the waterfall that was created that flowed out of the stairs, across the road and then down the cut behind out house. It flowed and flowed and flowed. Our bedroom is at the back corner of the house and it was like Chinese water torture trying to sleep with the sound of running water. Ok so I might have finally got to the point that I went outside and turned the water off at the mains. It was 10:30pm and I had only had 3 hours sleep the night before thanks to Alia teething. And I did turn it back on in the morning. And they didn’t move in until the following afternoon. And it’s not like they didn’t have water in the house as the tank was full, just not to the hose that was being used to clean as it was connected directly to the mains. Guilty giggle!

So what do I do when I’m over Jordan. Well I go to Australia for 15 minutes. I put the kettle on and make a cup of Milo.  I make a piece of Vegemite toast and to finish off the trip I have a Mint Slice biscuit. All in 15 minutes. It’s my perfect little trip to Australia. Last week I think I went to Australia no less than 5 times! Just as well Mum had sent me a supply parcel for my birthday.


Back in Jordan now.

10 responses to “Last week I was over Jordan so I went to Australia

  1. Oh the sand storm, it really is something!

    I like the way you escape for 15 minutes. Mint Slices aren’t the only delicious thing Arnott’s has to offer though – TimTams are excellent too! Can you find any Aussie products in Jordan?

    • Fan of the TimTam as well but Mint Slice is my all time favourite! Apparently there is one store in Amman that sometimes has Arnott’s biscuits but with Amman being 3 hours away it’s not very convenient. Definitely no Vegemite!

  2. The dust storms are driving me absolutely mad! No sooner had they finally ended than the workmen on the new building in the next block started sandblasting the damned thing! That’ll take couple days or more to complete.

  3. Aw honey. I can imagine the mixed feelings. That cleaning habit would drive me absolutely mad, especially being an Aussie who is used to three-minute-showers and water restrictions. I think Jordanians would view my house as being filthy. I say… uh, lived in?! Haha, I laughed at your clothes horse story. Aaron and I have gone through two also, in the past three years. Our current horse (in the true sense of the word) is an IKEA beast that sometimes collapses without warning. I’m leaving it inside now as last time I left it on the balcony, one side collapsed and all of my sheets somehow disappeared. I am still wondering whether they fell into the garden below and got stolen… or if they just, uh, got caught in a gust of wind and perhaps ended up in South Australia?! No idea. Anyway, I look back on the situation and laugh also. Whilst trying to forget that the sheets were an Egyptian cotton ‘luxury purchase’ when we got married. Now we have cheap Target sheets 🙂 Msg me next time you’re having an Aussie moment and I will sit down and have a Milo and mint slice with you, albeit on the other side of the world. Cuppas with friends are way nicer (and YES, Mint Slice all the way baby! Though I would never say no to a Tim Tam… slam! Can you do that with a Mint Slice?) xx

    • The best clothes horse I ever had was from bunnings – cheap, but boy has it lasted the distant. I bought it when I went to college and my mum still has it and it’s going strong 17 years later. They just don’t make them like they used to – ;)! And in Jordan they certainly don’t make them to last at all. Man the quality of the stuff we get here is rubbish. There’s “made in China” and then there’s “made in China for Jordan”! It’s so frustrating that we pay so much for things that are completely useless here. Feeling your loss with the sheets – and can imagine that it took a bit to tell that story and actually laugh! 🙂
      I love the idea of having an Aussie moment together! Can you experiment and let me know if indeed you can do a Mint Slice slam? I’m afraid that I’m a bit too precious with my rations to potentially waste a biscuit unless I know that it’s a winner of an idea. They are indeed ‘my precious”! Yes I might talk to them and tell them how much I love them! hahahaha! x

      • I am onto it, sister! Hold on to your stash and I’ll report back asap with my (hopefully) exhilarating story of Mint Slice slam success! Or, alternately, a photo of the sacrificial lamb (aka floating sodden Mint Slice biscuit).
        I’ve grown to love Bunnings. It’s like a treasure trove of home and garden goods. My local one also does awesome sausage sizzles (I still refuse to call them hot dogs. Go Aussie terminology) for a $2 fundraiser, woop! I wonder why they sell such rubbish in Jordan? Hm. Do the born-and-bred locals use clothes horses?

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