A little reason to love living in Jordan

A chance turn onto a side road ended up with a fabulous find.

After my anti Jordan week last week I’ve got my groove back and being thankful for all the things that I love about living in Jordan. This has meant that we have been heading out in the late afternoon for a drive around where we live, exploring and just taking in the sights.

Today we headed out towards Shawbak. Atef turned off the main road onto a small side road so that I could take a photo of a valley which is green with crops and spring growth. As I was getting back into the car I happened to turn around and low and behold there on the side of the road was this Iris. My heart skipped a beat. This is the first wild Iris that I’ve seen in Jordan. I think that it’s Iris petrana (happy to be corrected on this), which whilst not the national flower of Jordan the Iris nigricans, it is one of the 4 iris native to Jordan which colour is classified in the black range. There are 9 Iris in all that are native to Jordan and most of these are rare or endangered.

There were other stems indicating that there had been more flowers and I’m hoping that the absence of those flowers is due to them being eaten by sheep rather than someone picking the flowers. This is a  major problem and one of the reasons why these Iris which grow in the wild are endangered or rare. It looks like there might be one more flower to emerge and I’m hoping that we can head back out in the next couple of days to check. I’ll also be making sure that I remember where I sighted this Iris for coming years.


IMG_1928 IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1938 IMG_1943

6 responses to “A little reason to love living in Jordan

  1. Lovely! It’s good to appreciate the little things and serendipitous moments 🙂 I was there too early in the season for the irises (is that the plural of iris?)…they look lovely. Are the black irises truly black?

    • Not having seen the true black iris in the wild and only seeing photos they look like they range from being a deep eggplant purple to blackish in colour – not midnight black though. I would love to see one in the wild – inshallah we get another good winter this coming year and I will go hunting for some next year.
      And I had to look up the plural of iris – apparently you can use either iris as the plural or irises or irides. You learn something new every day! 🙂

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  3. On my recent visit I was told that I’d just missed the black Irises. Seeing your pictures makes me wish I had been able to see them. But I still managed to see many things in bloom. I especially loved the cactus flowers.

    • The cactus flowers are beautiful in all their colour range from pinks to reds to yellows and oranges. We certainly have been very lucky with a great spring this year and lots of wildflowers in bloom. The day after I saw this black iris I happened across a whole patch of black irises but unfortunately they were at the end with all the blooms in various stages of wilting, but there were hundreds of spent blooms. If only I’d found this spot 2 weeks earlier! I will definitely be hoping that we get another good winter and spring next year so that I can go back to this spot

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