We are surrounded by wonderful landscapes and natural beauty. If Atef is not working then we enjoy going “around”. We jump in the car, pick a direction to head out of town and go exploring. At the moment I’m really enjoying heading out of town on the Kings Hwy towards Shawbak. This area received lots of snow and rain during the Winter months and is now lovely and green in the Spring. Given that for the majority of the year I live in an area where the landscape is multiple shades of brown it’s lovely to be surrounded by green. (I really miss green!) We pick a side road and explore. It was on one of those side roads that I had my best wildflower find for the year when I spotted a black iris.

We have been experiencing some unseasonably dusty days so far in May and then come the late afternoon all the dust in the atmosphere is causing lots of instability and the odd thunder storm. Not much rain where we live, but big dark clouds, great colour contrasts and beautiful sunsets.

Here are some photos of the landscapes from a few of our “around” drives the over the last  few days. I’m sure they aren’t the landscapes that you imagine when you think of Jordan.

This group of photos are from an area called Mulghan – turning off a side road near Al Hay and heading towards El Jarba. Click on any one of the photos to see the photos in a gallery in full size.

As we were heading home from the drive around this area we were treated to this fantastic sunset emerging through the dark thunderclouds.


These photos are from area near the Al Heisha Village. Click on any one of the photos to see the photos in a gallery in full size.

At the end of the side road that we had taken on this day was a fantastic view point looking down on Al Beidha Village and the Petra Mountains. The dark clouds made for great contrast against the late afternoon sun.



8 responses to ““Around”

  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Isn’t the weather really odd this year? I got soaked on my way to work today. It was raining heavily and there was so much traffic becuase everyone was afraid if the slippery roads

    • I’m glad that I’m not the only one to think that it’s strange! We would love to get even some of the rain that Amman and the north of Jordan is getting. So far all we’ve had are dark clouds and thunder – all show but no result.

  2. Lovely pictures…and so GREEN! It’s true that it’s not what most people think of when they think of Jordan. I think the contrasts make it really beautiful.

    • Thanks Megan. And as quickly as the country side turned green as it’s turned black to shades of brown and gold. All the crops are maturing and being harvested and the spring growth dying off. Back to the colours that most people would think when they hear Jordan! It was beautiful whilst it lasted.

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