The sky put on a show last night

Last night all the instability in the atmosphere actually amounted to something more than just dark clouds and a few claps of thunder. The storm clouds rolled in and with them a fantastic lightening display, some heavy rain and some really really loud thunder. I love it when thunder claps right over head and sets car alarms off – you know that it’s close!

The first photo is at the start of the storm when the dark clouds came rolling in in a serious way. They turned the sky black and I knew that there was more to come.

The second photo is my first attempt at photographing lightening so I’m sorry that it’s out of focus as I’ve still got lots to learn about the art of taking a good photo of lightening, but I did think that it was worthy of sharing it with you.



10 responses to “The sky put on a show last night

  1. Wow they are incredible photos. It must have been a thrilling a storm. The lightening picture is extraordinary.

  2. Wow! They are great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing. I heard the storm here in Amman, too and it was great. I love thunder storms!

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