Bringing the outside in

I’ve enjoyed the wildflowers so much this season that on a few of occasions I’ve picked some bunches and brought them inside. This has caused much amusement for Atef, his family and the neighbours who see me as the flowers that I’m picking I’m actually rescuing from being sheep food. I don’t care that they are weeds as I still think they look pretty, but for the locals they certainly don’t fall into the category of flowers that are vase worthy as they are not roses or lilies or flowers that you would grow in a garden. Put it down as just one more thing that the weird Western women does to give the locals a laugh!

Anyway I’ll let you judge for yourself whether you think that they add a splash of colour and look beautiful in a vase. The large bunch I think were a variety of wild sage (happy to be corrected) and had a lovely fragrance as well.

IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1903 IMG_1906 IMG_1908 IMG_1940

9 responses to “Bringing the outside in

  1. They are very beautiful! The picture at the bottom- if I could have it framed I would! I think it’s stunning :0)

  2. I began picking wildflowers when walking in the countryside with darling Dad as a small child. Well, I am quite a big child [whichever way you read this 🙂 !] now but will still pick a handful when out for a walk. Love them in a glass next to my bed! Yours look absolutely lovely and I actually prefer them to all the cut hothouse ‘finery’: I basically love my flowers in a garden bed or a pot or au naturel!!!

    • I’m with you on that! I love what natures gives us in it’s wild form. If only everyone would take the time to look around them at the beauty that we are surrounded with rather than take it for granted. What a lovely memory that you have of picking the wildflowers whilst walking with you Dad.

  3. I do that too and don’t care what people think. There is something so refreshing about a vase of flowers. It doesn’t matter if they are wild or bought from a shop, if they bring you joy, that is all that matters

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