The only way to buy fruit and Vegetables!

Road side stalls selling fruit and vegetables direct from the grower are very common in Jordan. I should clarify that when I say road side that I literally mean on the side of the road in the emergency lane, or if there isn’t an emergency lane then on the road itself! Gives new meaning to drive-thru service! But if you want cheap, fresh produce then this is the only way to shop.

The stalls are set up on 4 lane highways where the traffic is driving past at 100 kms/hr +. If you are in the market for some fruit and vegetables you drive in the outer lane and slow down (sort of) as you approach the stall to see if there is anything that takes your fancy. If there is you stop in the lane (don’t worry about pulling off the side of the road), wind down your window and yell out to the vendor how much is there price for the produce that you want. A bit of bartering ensues and if the vendor matches the price that you are willing to buy then you might pull slightly off the road and complete the transaction, but more often than not you just stay in the car and the deal is done through the window.

fruit and veg road side stall 4

fruit and veg road side stall 3

fruit and veg road side stall 2

fruit and veg road side stall 1

Another way of buying cheap fruit and vegetables is from the back of the trucks and vans in the market centre. These vans or trucks wil have driven over the dead sea valley and brought up produce straight from the grower and then they come back to town and sell it in bulk amounts. You don’t just buy one or two tomatoes but a whole box.

IMG_1252 IMG_1251 IMG_0076 IMG_0074


8 responses to “The only way to buy fruit and Vegetables!

  1. A delightful photo series as methinks most of the world these days is only too happy if able to shop at farmers’ markets! Perhaps not always by the box 🙂 ! Must say the quality of the produce looks beautiful!

    • It’s just as well that I’m part of a large family on my husband’s side so that we can share out the box of produce! And it is also so fresh – picked that morning and purchased direct. Doesn’t get any better.

  2. Far out! I can’t imagine buying produce from a car window. Or out of a car boot, on the side of the road! So different to what we experience here in Australia. I guess you’d need to be sure of your purchase if you’re going to end up with an entire box! Very cool post A! xx

    • I didn’t realise just used to I’d become about buying fruit and veggies from the side of the road until we stopped with my Aunt and Uncle when they were visiting and then it makes me realise that no it’s really not “normal”. Sampling the produce and haggling with the stall keeper about the price as traffic is whizzing past doing 100kms per hour has certainly become my new norm! haha! x

  3. I have been there and in Sirya too,,,, it is very common way to buy things … i can tell two other things… First of all better if you buy fruit and vegetable very early in the morning because of the heat that ruin the fruit if has been exposed for too much time, the second is that the fruit have a wonderful taste cause it is natural….

    • Yes you definitely need to buy the produce first thing in the morning. With the hot sun beating down on it all day – anyone for strawberry jam! 😉 It certainly doesn’t get any fresher or tastier though.

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