So much to be thankful for

Continuing on as the second half of the post I wrote here about the things I miss from Australia here are some of the things that I enjoy because I live in Jordan.

Top of the list without a doubt is my wonderful husband Atef and my beautiful little girl Alia. How can I not be thankful for living in Jordan when I have them to remind me just how great life is.


I only have to look out from the windows or stand on the balcony to enjoy one of things I love the most about living in Jordan – the view! We have a spectacular view from our house looking down the valley and over the town to the Petra Mountains. It’s a magnificent view at all times of the day but I particularly love sunrise and sunset time.

Sunrise from the 24th March as the sun was just emerging over the top of the hills behind us highlighting the peak of Jebel Haroun.

Sunrise 24th March 2013

Sunset from the 29th January 2013.

Sunset 29th January 2013

Sunset from the 8th March 2013

Sunset 8th March 2013

I love that produce here is available seasonally so that you are eating it when it’s at its best.

I am enjoying learning more about photography and in turn paying more attention to my surrounds and seeing all the little things that are around me. There is so much beauty around us if only we take the time to actually look.

I enjoy having people come to visit so that I can show off the wonderful country that I now live in. (That’s an open invitation for anyone to come and visit me please!)

I am truly thankful for Atef’s immediate and extended family. They have welcomed me into the family with open arms and accepted me, quirks and all.

I am thankful to have been able to build a beautiful house and make it my home.

I am also thankful for the opportunity (and yes challenge) of getting to really know myself.

So whilst this list is significantly shorter than the list of things I miss from Australia I think you will agree with me that the things on this list are much bigger things! And again this is not an exhaustive list!

But funny how life is as as I have been writing this post this morning another one of my senses brought back more memories of the farm and in particular my Dad. It wasn’t my sense of sound this time, but the sense of smell. Wafting in on the morning breeze was the smell from an oxy welder and with it came memories of being in the shed with Dad.

It’s made me think that whilst I am indeed blessed and thankful for living in Jordan I will never forget where I’ve come from and how much that has made me the person who I am today.

8 responses to “So much to be thankful for

  1. Wow, what awesome sunsets, That light is something else! I know exactly how you feel about photography – it opens our eyes to the details and the stories in a picture. And your case, it opens your eyes to all the possibilities in Jordan. Great post!

    • Thank you! I certainly have a great view to capture those amazing sunsets. I never looked at my surroundings with so much attention before really taking up photography. In the past I would just take pictures, but not really see. Writing this post certainly has given me a bit of a kick up the pants that I needed to focus on the positives of living here. šŸ™‚

  2. You have balanced your ledger: may it always stay on the positive side šŸ™‚ ! As the days go by and you grow more part of what is around you that may prove more and more easier . . . with my very best wishes . . .

  3. We always miss what we dont have at the moment … there are pros and cons to every place, and as much as I despise Czech cuisine, I always go for dumplings and creamy sauce when I am around the Czech restaurant in the Middle East … The good thing is that both Australia and Jordan are countries where nobody is forcing you to stay, and so you can live or visit one or the other … not all the countries are blessed with this.

  4. Oh wow. This is so beautiful, A. I can’t believe how wondrous the sky is… Jordan is truly a masterpiece of creation. And yep, I always feel that ‘home’ is wherever my husband is. As long as we’re together, the rest is secondary. I love that you’ve got your two loves right there by your side. Take care beautiful x

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