How does this work?

I got a fit of the giggles the other night when I tried to work out how home delivery worked in Wadi Musa. Why you ask, thinking that home delivery is just a normal everyday thing. Well not here.

For starters this was the first time that I had seen home delivery in Wadi Musa and I noted that it was the new pizza restaurant in town that was offering this service. It then got me thinking (and giggling) at how it works. There are no street numbers here, let alone street names, so unless the delivery driver knows where everyone in town lives, which is very unlikely in a town with a population of about 18,000, then I imagined the telephone conversation to organise the delivery going something like this:

Hi I’d like to order a pizza for home delivery.

Certainly, where do you live?

Do you know where so and so lives?


Well then do you where such and such lives?


How about him?



Are they related to the Them’s over on the hill.

Yes, but I don’t live on that side of town. Ummmm…. do you know where the mosque is?

Which mosque?

The one near this hotel.

Oh yes I know that one.

Well when you get to the Mosque you go left then right, straight and then left again and then you are near Them’s house which is actually no where near our house.

If I’m ever having to give people directions to our house the best I can do is “if you are coming from town turn right at the clinic, keep going until you get to the Mosque and we live on the same road as Khaled, Haitham and Matasum, around the corner from Dr Hani”. Too bad if they don’t know who Khaled, Haitham, Matasum and Dr Hani are, let alone live!

8 responses to “How does this work?

  1. Hmmm, am wondering whether I would get a lovely warm and homely feeling and be able to laugh with you or whether there would come a moment when one said ‘Oh, for goodness sake’!! Hope you got your pizza in the end . . . 😀 !

  2. Hhhh…yes, It’s like that in jordan, unfortunatly. I’m not jordanian, but I visit jordan every 2 years, stay for about a month in Irbid where’s my husband family also come from Kuwait to spend their summer in their house in Irbid too. yes, what I like most is the nature, but they miss so many life improvement. The thing that is more funny, these issues is almost in every city in jordan except the capital Amman, the life is totally more easy there.

    • Yes it is definitely like this in all Jordan – and even to some extents in Amman. But the life is definitely more easier if you lived in Amman. It is lovely in the north of Jordan around Irbid – what a great place to have a summer house.

  3. hehehe.. the other day I had books delivered that I ordered from Amazon. The address clearly had the city, street name, building number, apartment number, zip code AND my phone number. The post office delivery guy tells me, I spent half the day looking for you! I went from house to house asking people if they knew the person the package was addressed to!! I was ready to pound my head against the wall!
    The address is very clear and you have my phone number why didn’t you just call! and then to make matters worse, he tells me I am glad I found you because we sent the other 2 packages addressed to you back to the states and Canada, it would be a shame if we sent this one back too!!!

    • That is why, actually, I do not order anything from Amazon (not to mention the costs). I do not believe they would find us, although we have a street name and probably also a number. But as I noticed, they are not being used. When we needed a new contract for the internet, the company asked us, where we live, but then we had to show the employee on google-view where the house is.
      Home order – it works rather like described: a big shop or the next mosque and from there right, left – but usually the guys are good, second or third time they know the house.

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