Unusual Beauties

These photos are some of the more unusual wildflowers that I saw, but I think that you’ll agree with me that they are incredibly beautiful.

I think these photos are of a type of wild garlic. I first noticed it when the heads were unopened and I wondered what it could possibly be, or come to. I revisited this spot several times over the following weeks to follow the progression as the heads opened up.

garlic (1) Middle East MomentsΒ Β garlic (6) garlic (9) garlic (11)

I don’t know what plant these next photos are of, but I loved the structure, texture and colour of the flowers – especially in the late afternoon light.

IMG_1115 Middle East Moments IMG_1116-001 IMG_1117 IMG_1118

I loved the shape and form of the seed pods of this next plant. I think it is a type of vetch?


The tiniest of plants provided great beauty. This next plant and it’s colourful foliage was no bigger than my thumb growing in the cracks between rocks.

orange flower (1)

This next series of photos shows the progression of the flowers from buds through to bloom and then to how the plant propagated. The seed capsules were like a merry-go-round waiting to be caught in the wind.


There was still beauty to be seen in flowers and plants that had died and gone to seed.

IMG_2196 IMG_2201 orange flower (2)

I was amazed at the beauty that could be found in a seemingly harsh and barren landscape.Β It pays to sometimes look beyond the big, bright and colourful things that first capture our attention to take in the details and find beauty in the unusual and small things. Most of these plants were no bigger than the size of my hand, if not smaller. I hope you enjoyed this lot of photos.

11 responses to “Unusual Beauties

  1. A beautiful series of photos showing how perfect nature can be. You really have used light to the maximum effect. Shall share these tomorrow with a couple of favorite photographer friends . . .

  2. Beautiful photos! So cool to see those plants, it’s amazing how different nature can be in different parts of the world.

  3. Absolutely stunning flowers and photos Andrea. Who would imagine that such delicate beauties would be living there. One of them reminds me of a Venus Flytrap (with the little hairs around the edge). Do you know if it opens and closes? All the best, Terri

    • Hi Terri, I had the same thought when I first saw that little one, but after close inspection found that it didn’t open and close. I have certainly been surprised with the beautiful flowers that were around in Spring this year.

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