Age Appropriate?

I bought some plastic blocks for Alia a week ago in Aqaba. It wasn’t until today that I looked more closely at the packaging.

At first glance all is ok. (Apart from the quality of the blocks – but that’s another post for another day!)


Then closer inspection of the “learning content” text.

IMG_2439 (2)

Does my 18 month old really need to be learning about traffic tool. I wouldn’t have thought that was an important skill at this age.

Turning over to the back of the packaging. Ummm what message are they trying to get across here? Interest Sex……what the….?


I’m not sure I want my child to “put out more” and “interesting shape”. Are they referring to the blocks?


Maybe not so suitable after all!


6 responses to “Age Appropriate?

  1. Haha I had a good laugh 😀 And you would think that the toys and packaging go through some serious licensing procedure where these kind of things are noticed and dealt with (and not allowed).

  2. Well, dear Mom, Alia cannot read and the packaging will go in the bin: I hope she enjoys her blocks and you have somewhat of a laugh! When you were still in Australia you must have had many laughs [and be annoyed at some of the instructions one could not possibly understand!] coming out of China and other SE Asian countries: no, they have not improved either 🙂 !

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