Life moves at a slower pace in Ramadan.

Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front for me as I’m working through some cross cultural difference that are taking up most of my energy. Never mind that I’m fasting 16 hours a day for Ramadan whilst still looking after a very active 18 month old in hot weather! I challenge you all to give one day of fasting a try some day just for the experience. If you do let me know how you find it.

One day I will share with you more about some of the cross cultural differences. Finding the balance is key as there will always be cultural differences and it’s comes back to the age old lesson of accepting the things that I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can and wisdom to know the difference.

So in the meantime whilst we are all in go slow mode here I’ll do a few posts of some of my favourite photos and little snippets from my time living in Jordan.

I loved these photos of Atef’s dad with two of his grandchildren. On a cold winter’s day there’s nothing like warming up inside Grandpa’s coat.



10 responses to “Life moves at a slower pace in Ramadan.

  1. Just to say you’re not alone with your uphill battles. It’s not easy at all. Looking after children is a real challenge when you’re fasting too, mine are on their summer holidays. The days are long! 🙂 On a positive note, think of it as journey that will make you stronger. Maybe we can’t see the finishing line yet, but it’s there and with patience and perseverance, things become more tolerable.

    • They certainly are long days aren’t they! 🙂 And patience was never my strong suit so it’s a journey that has a lesson to be learned along the way! Never any harm in a journey with lessons that mean you come out the other end a better, stronger person. Thank you.

    • Aren’t they gorgeous kids! I’m in love with taking photos of my little niece especially. Her eyes are so expressive. Not so much a tough time as just sometime needing to take a step back. All stocked up on milo and still have some mint slice biscuits in my secret place! 🙂

  2. Can more than understand . . . methinks when Ramadan is over with the necessaily debilitating hours of fasting, you will feel physically stronger . . and the heat will ameliorate somewhat . . . those two facets alone will give you a clearer brain and allow you to work thru’ your situation calmly and coolly . . . my warmest wishes from the Land Down Under

    • Yes it definitely good to sometimes take a step backwards and reflect on what is really important and what is the true meaning of Ramadan and be truly thankful for the everything that we do have. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Trying to enter a culture is a roller coaster ride. I am finding myself in something of a similar situation, though perhaps not yet to the extent of yours. If you ever need to vent or discuss with someone sharing a bit of your experience, I would love to lend an ear or an email.

    • Thank you! I do love how sometimes when just snapping away candid shots that you get lucky in capturing a photo that you are really proud of. These photos also worked so much better in black and white than colour.

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