Chocolate fun!

When the cat’s away the mice come out to play – or when Daddy’s away Mummy and Alia have fun making a big mess.

Atef works a 48 hour shift which means that Alia and I are on our own for 2 days. Today inspired by Laura from Laura’s Mess we made brownies or a big chocolatey mess in the kitchen! Laura’s a fellow blogging sister and her blog is full of fantastic, mouth watering, delicious recipes which are presented in a gorgeous format with stunning photos. You won’t be disappointed if you check out her beautiful blog.

Originally I was planning on making the brownies from her most recent post Boozy Black Cherry Brownies as cherries are in season here, but when I was doing the shopping yesterday mother’s brain kicked in (or maybe it was a combination of Ramadan and mother’s brain) and I forgot to buy cherries. My heart was set on brownies so instead of making the cherry brownies Alia and I made the first brownies that Laura posted on her blog Walnut fudge brownies. And they were everything that Laura promised that they would be “dense, fudgy and intensely chocolatey, with a slight crackle of crust on the top. Eaten warm with ice cream, the brownie becomes a molten, smooth chocolate dessert, studded with toasted nuts. Pretty much heaven in a bowl.” Well I haven’t eaten them with icecream (yet) but they are amazingly good. Now I’m looking forward to remembering to buy cherries to give the cherry brownies a go.

Alia loved helping cook with me.


My Precious……………….What do you mean Mummy that I can’t eat this chocolate.


Ok then just a little piece for me.

IMG_2576 IMG_2577

Helping put the butter in with the chocolate.


Stirring the mix.



Better taste it just to make sure that it’s ok.



Ummm……it’s very yummy.

Some of the mixture landed in the sieve….and much to Alia’s delight she found it after I had decided that she’s eaten enough from the bowl.


Full head tip required to get the mixture.



Cleaning out the chocolate bowl.

IMG_2609 IMG_2611

Helping smooth the brownies out in the pan!


Mummy can I please have a hug! It was straight to the bath for little miss.

And the finished product. And it tastes as good as it looks!!! (Maybe I could have cooked it for a tad bit longer, but I’m with Laura that when it comes to brownies the fudgier the better so I was quite ok with it like this!)


9 responses to “Chocolate fun!

  1. Oh me, oh my!! Did the ‘little miss’ not have fun whilst Mommy was adjusting the camera? I really should not be ‘giggling’ in the middle of a working Saturday: Alia – it’s all ‘your fault’ > huggsies . . . I can see a Sunday ‘share’ comig on!!!!

  2. Aw gorgeous post Andrea! Alia is such a little baking star. Love your series of photos (clean, slightly sticky, floury, completely smudged, haha!!). Poor mummy must’ve had a bit of a clean-up job to deal with! The brownies look fantastic. I sometimes underbake mine also, but I do agree that the fudgier ones are always the best! Thanks for the link-in beautiful. It means a lot to know that we can share little moments like this (sort of, in a recipe kind of way!) despite the distance between us as blogging sisters. Hugs xxx

    • You inspired Alia’s and my baking session again the other day. We made a banana and carrot cake and of course had to make a oozey sticky caramel to dribble over the entire cake. No photos, but same result as last time! 🙂 lol! So much fun. You will have to get about to posting that recipe of that amazing looking cake that you made and shared on facebook. xx

      • Aw yum! I still haven’t made the caramel drizzled banana and cinnamon cake again, but I do mean to put it on facebook soon!!! I’ve become obsessed with the caramel drizzle actually, I put it on a really moist apple spice cake the other day (so, so good!!!) and then on an orange cake. Seems to work on everything 😉 I will definitely link the post up to you when I make it xx

  3. You have the most gorgeous and delightful little girl! The brownies look just about perfect to me! Makes me want to get in the kitchen and whip up some myself, but I know I won’t have as much fun as you did because I haven’t any helper!

    • Thank Jim – she certainly is a cheeky little one! So did you make those brownies from Laura? Even though you didn’t have a helper if you made them I’m sure that you found them to be delicious.

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