Proud, Passionate and Patriotic

Jordanians are very proud and passionate and incredibly patriotic about their country and being Jordanian. And never so more than on a night like tonight.

Tonight Jordan was playing Uzbekistan in the Asian qualifying zone playoffs for chance to make the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Not being a huge soccer fan I didn’t watch the game, but I didn’t need to to know what the progressive score and the final result were.

Ever wondered what it’s like to hear a town groan? Well tonight I experienced it. When Uzbekistan scored in the first five minutes of the game the groan that was let out and the disappointment that was expressed was audible all the way up the hill where I live.

Likewise I knew that Jordan must have scored an equaliser as about half an hour later there was an almighty cheer.

No more cheers and groans were heard so the game finished at full time at 1-1. An air of anticipation settled over the town and I waited. Not only was there an enormous cheer but this was quickly followed by the usual noises from a Jordanian celebration – the pop, pop, pop from rifles being fired, car horns of all musical notes as cars wound their way around the streets in procession and of course fireworks to light up the sky. Across the town fireworks were being set off in one of the best displays for the year! Jordan had won in penalty shoot out and are one step closer of achieving a place in the 2014 World Cup.

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