A Friday outing feasting on fresh produce

Friday afternoon we headed across to the Wadi where in Spring we had enjoyed a walk in the greenery. The trees which had been beautiful with blossoms were this time laden with fruit. Pomegranates, green figs, black figs and grapes were all ripe and ready for the picking. 20130920_17154320130920_180823 20130920_174628 To me there is nothing quite like picking and eating fresh fruit straight from the tree. Fruit which is warmed by the sun, bursting with flavour, just begging to be picked and popped in the mouth, the juices oozing and running down your chin and fingers. 20130920_171914 The treat of the day for me was the black figs. No bigger than the size of the top part of your thumb they were some of the most delicious little morsels that I had ever eaten. Being so small their sugars were incredibly concentrated and then being warm with the sun they were almost caramelised in flavour and their texture like jam. 20130920_175615 Alia’s favourite was the pomegranates. She watched patiently as Daddy broke open the skins to reveal the hundreds of glistening pink jewels inside. 20130920_17475320130920_180027 20130920_180042 Then once they were opened she shoved the segments into her mouth, cheeks bulging as she gorged on them. 20130920_180118 20130920_180127 20130920_173213 20130920_173315 It was wonderful to see that even though most of the vegetation was various shades of brown that there were still signs of colour. This yellow daisy enjoying the warmth of the summer sun. 20130920_171637 And this unusual weed with it’s purple hued emerging foliage. 20130920_171335 We walked though the Wadi from fruit tree to fruit tree, enjoying our time outside and the finest produce that nature produces. Alia and her cousin Ahmed. 20130920_172813 The day was finished off with a beautiful sunset as we headed home. 20130920_183753

14 responses to “A Friday outing feasting on fresh produce

  1. Wonderful photos of Alia [and Daddy, of course 🙂 !] ~ one child who is learning and will love all the stuff found in the ‘real’ world: fruits, vegetables et al 🙂 !

    • Thank Eha. I have to say that Alia makes it very easy for me as she just loves fresh fruit and vegetables. That was only her second try of pomegranates and she has absolutely taken to them and can’t get enough. I have a bowl of them on the bench and she keeps pointing to them and wanting more! 🙂

  2. This is a gorgeous post. I love how Atef carefully segmented the pomegranate for little Alia. I think I would’ve been bursting with excitement if I was her! So wonderful that you can enjoy these beautiful fruits straight from the tree. I lament the fact that we have to pay about $5 for a pomegranate over here, and it’s not even half as fresh as the ones you enjoyed. Oh well. I should stick to our apples and the new season blueberries (which I am so excited about!). Thanks for sharing this beautiful day with us xoxx

    • Thanks so much Laura. I do love that some of my favourite fruits are incredibly cheap here so I can eat as much of them as I want. 10kg of pomegranates at the moment is only 2JD – about $3. I don’t even feel decadent using them to make juice at that price. Enjoy the apples and the new seaon blueberries. Blueberries is something that we don’t get here at all and I really miss them! xx

  3. I’m speechless. HOnestly. I’ve never seen pomegranates that pale red in skin color beautiful and the fig … out of this world and your daughter … so pretty and charming and just adorable. Love this post! thank you for sharing the finds, a treat!

    • The variation in the skin colour of the pomegranates from pale greens to dark reds with everything in between amazes me all with differing degrees of sweetness. I do love how pretty the blush pink ones are. I’m loving sharing my love of fresh fruit and nature with Alia and love watching her explore and play.

  4. How funny… I’m actually eating those gorgeous little jewels as I read this! Both my daughters and I love pomegranates and I picked up 2 of them yesterday. My youngest came home today and patiently sat at the kitchen table emptying a whole fruit into a bowl. I waited ’till she’d had her fill and then asked if I could have the rest. Bet they taste nothing like the one freshly picked from a tree! Gosh, that last shot of your part of the world is gorgeous! Jordan looks like a beautiful country.

    • My little girl is not quite so patient 🙂 She will only let you get one segment done at a time – no hope in trying to get a whole fruit emptied. We are still enjoying beautiful pomegranates thanks to the fact that they can be stored in a dark cook place for 4-5 months. Come and visit Jordan one day and see the beautiful sights it has to offer.

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