Upping the anti and inspiring the neighbourhood.

Or perhaps a more accurate title would be amusing the neighbourhood, but since I’m used to amusing them I’m hanging onto the thought that there are some that I’m inspiring!

The last 2 months I’ve been undertaking an extensive exercise program with the aim to improve my fitness and well being.  This involves doing sessions of a minimum of 40 minutes, 6 times a weeks.  I have written on two occasions before about standing out when going for a walk and also the hazards that I face when I done a pair of sneakers to hit the pavement. Well the last few weeks I’ve really upped the anti.

When I first started on my program I was just walking fast. This soon progressed to power walking which attracted some “advice” about “how” I should walk and more than my fair shares of looks. Now I’ve started jogging and well it’s causing confusion. I’m not sure that the neighbours have ever seen anyone run on the roads before for the purpose of exercising. Occasionally people might attend the local gym (a whole other post for another day!) and jog on the treadmill, or they might even own their own treadmill, but this is all done inside behind closed doors.

Here I am jogging up and down the roads around our house and the neighbours just don’t know how to respond past a quizzical look.  The other night a truck load of cement was being delivered for the ongoing roadworks on our road and the workmen literally had to pick their jaws up from the ground as they looked at me with amazement as I jogged by. I doubt they had ever seen anything like it before.

Just to really give them something to talk about the last week not only was I jogging but I was doing hills sprints using the hill just around the corner from our house.  The neighbours must have thought I was certifiably crazy as I was willingly sprinting up the hill, then turning around to do it over and over. I had quite the audience!

But back to talking about inspiring the neighbourhood. On any given night there is now up to 6 other women out walking for the purpose of wanting to exercise and not just out for a social stroll. They have noticed the results that I’m getting with my program and they are also putting on walking shoes and heading outside and walking at a decent pace. They are asking me questions about what I’m doing and what they should be doing and I’m happy to provide them with some information and suggestions. Hopefully this unseasonably cold weather that we are experiencing at the moment doesn’t put them off  from continuing to come out and join me.

10 responses to “Upping the anti and inspiring the neighbourhood.

  1. You are starting a movement! Pun … intended! 😉 Good work and congrats on results. I was getting lots with my workout plan, then laziness sat in and am at standstill.

    • Ah the dreaded laziness and lack of motivation! I have to say that with the onset of the cold weather here that it’s taking all my effort to get outside in the evenings and get moving. 🙂

  2. [laughing![ Good.on.ya!! I am laughing myself silly imaging the picture!! How many of the ladies in the neighbouyrhood are peaking from around the curtains and then trying to emulate you when no one is looking? Keep on being ‘that funny foreigner’ and quietly teaching others about what may be mainline in the rest of the world!! Hmm, where are those jogging shoes!! Good luck and keep us posted!!

    • I have to say that the thought gives me the giggles as well! The ladies wait until at least 20 mins past sunset to come out and exercise so that’s dark and that no one can see them! But I’m proud of them for coming out and encourage them as much as I can. 🙂

  3. That’s really great. Wish I could get Ib to do the same! When we lived in Edinburgh he’d go out for a run every morning before breakfast but here nobody runs and everybody would stare and so he won’t do it. maybe when we live in the new house and there aren’t so many eyes…..

    • Atef was a bit worried when I started the exercise program that too many people would be staring at me and that was when I was just walking! They are so worried here about what people will think and say. For me it’s been encouraging that some of the local ladies are putting aside their inhibitions and coming out and joining me. Does help not living on a main road though! 🙂

  4. Haha, you are so awesome. If I was you, I think I would’ve abandoned the exercise program due to ‘performance anxiety’ by now! 🙂 It’s quite an eye opener to find out that outdoor exercising is so unusual in Jordan. As you know, Aussies are out and about every day, morning and night, running around suburban streets, parks, anywhere where there’s a patch of space to move! I even saw someone doing sit-ups on a park bench near my house the other day. That was a little more unusual but still within the ‘acceptable’ category in Perth. I’m glad that other women are starting to join you though. Yay for Andrea the inspirator of Jordanian fitness!! Love it. Ah, I wish that we could do coffee dates… I think there’d be so much to chat about! What does Atef think? Did he view the exercise as being ‘weird’ at first? xxx

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