Look at the opportunities, not the dead goat you have to cook with.

My girlfriend in Australia was speaking metaphorically.  Ironically I was faced with the reality…..literally I had a dead goat to cook with.

I was speaking to my girlfriend about what actions I needed to take to pull myself out of the doldrums. She had no way of knowing that not more than 20 minutes before she expressed this advice that I had been presented with a bag which contained a hacked off hunk of meat, bone and fat off some kind of dead animal and was told “here cook this for lunch”. It might have been goat or lamb or beef. There was no way of telling and certainly no way of telling what part of the animal it might have once come from. And I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

It made me laugh. One of those real out loud laughs that escapes from deep down in the belly. Because it was one of those moments that if you didn’t laugh you’d cry. So better to laugh. I needed to laugh. I needed to find the funny side of the situation that I found myself in. It was good to finally see the funny side of one of the many differences that everyday life in Jordan presents. A classic Middle East Moment!

Oh and what did I do with my “dead goat”. Well I stuck it in the freezer and made something out of the chicken that I had in the fridge. But not before getting yet some more helpful advice from my girlfriend who exclaimed that the situation was “feral” and that couldn’t I just boil it and then separate the meat from the junk! I laughed some more.

We will eat dead goat another day!

6 responses to “Look at the opportunities, not the dead goat you have to cook with.

    • Do I admit that my “dead” goat is still sitting in the freezer! I did question my husband as to what animal it came from and he couldn’t remember so I have a bag of random meat in the freezer. 🙂

      • Oooooo, mystery meat – and this is the very reason slow cooking and spices were invented, lol! Just don’t leave it in the freezer too long as there’s simply no coming back from freezer-burn – it becomes more like month old road-kill…

  1. Hahaaa! Oh! I should’ve communicated with you the other day… I actually had some dead goat in my kitchen and I couldn’t tell if it was ‘off’ or if it just smelt bad! It ended up being fine but… well, argh, weird cuts of animals are more trouble than they’re worth! xx

    • I saw that you had some goat issues of your own! I have to say that I didn’t used to mind goat before coming here, but find that the goat meat here is so pungent in smell and so barnyard in flavour that it’s really off putting. I also find it really off putting that as they don’t distinguish between goats and sheep that when they are cooking for weddings or large feasts that the meat from both animals just gets thrown into the large pots and cooked all together. So not nice! 🙂 xx

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