A picnic under the Almond tree

Yesterday was one of those gloriously perfect winters day. Hard to call it a winters day when in Wadi Musa/Petra it was 20 degrees out, the sun was shining and warming the earth and the smell of spring was on the breeze. Spring was in the air.

Alia and I headed out and found ourselves in the orchard just up the road. We settled under an almond tree which was bursting into blossom and the ground was heavy with the new growth of wild chamomile plants. The blossom and the chamomile providing a heady scent that brought a smile to your face knowing that winter is shaking off it’s coat and that spring and all it’s glory is just around the corner.

The bees were busy buzzing as they moved with purpose from one blossom to the next and the birds were singing cheerily. There wasn’t a cloud in the brilliant blue sky. It was a good day to have an afternoon tea picnic under the almond tree.

almond blossom (2) almond blossom (3) almond blossom (10) almond blossom (12) almond blossom (13)

The beautiful almond blossom turning from blush pink buds to brilliant white blooms.

chamomile (2)

The new lush growth of the chamomile with the dead heads of last seasons flowers.

IMG_5624 IMG_5642

Little hands eagerly reaching for blossom to pick.

IMG_5635 IMG_5636 IMG_5637 IMG_5641

Inspecting and smelling the blossom (even if this meant pulling off all the petals and shoving it right in your nose!)


Enjoying a picnic in the sun.

IMG_5675 IMG_5678IMG_5686

The vivid green new foliage of the quince tree. So compact, so structural, so beautiful.


Compared with the intense red of the new foliage of the pomegranate tree.

IMG_5689 IMG_5698

A little patch of Dark Grape Hyacinth taking full advantage of not being anywhere near a sheep track and flourishing in the sun.

19 responses to “A picnic under the Almond tree

    • Thanks MB – was fun seeing Alia explore the flowers and fun for me to take the photos of her. I just recently got a Canon 7D which replaced my Canon 40D so all the photos in the posts this year are with the new camera. Lens still the same as the one I’ve always had which is a 17-8mm f4-5.6. I’ve had the lens for a few years now and find it’s a good all purpose lens. Looking to make a purchase of a 50mm f1.4 or a macro type lens hopefully soon.

  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely moments. I used to live in Irbid and I vividly remember how beautiful Almond trees were in the season. Mash’Allah, you have a cute daughter.

    • Thanks Jaraad. Irbid is such a beautiful part of Jordan especially in Spring time when all the trees are in bloom. Hopefully you get to come back to Jordan every now and then to visit. 🙂

  2. Andrea they are beautiful photos and Alia is gorgeous. Thanks for the hug through Helen. It was great to see both she and Peter and to hear of her contact with you. I can see you are filling some of your time with outdoor activities with Alia. Is a book of your beautiful words and amazing photographs on the cards? Keep up the good work.
    Lots of love
    Robyn xxx

    • It was great that Helen was able to pass on my hug! Maybe a book, but more likely going to try and see if I can get some cards/postcards made up to sell here to tourists. But in the meantime just enjoying taking lots and lots of photos and learning more about photography. Any chance of you coming for a visit? xx

  3. What glorious captures – I’d never seen an almond blossom before we went to Morocco but they are just beautiful – almost as beautiful as your Alia!

    • Thanks Joanne – Alia was the perfect little model for me under the almond tree. I just love walking into an orchard at this time of year with the trees all full of blossoms. The perfumed air, the buzzing bees and the beautiful flowers make it one of my favourite things in Spring. And how amazing is Morocco – probably my favourite country of all of those that I’ve been lucky to visit. 🙂

  4. Yaaaay! Your new toy (meaning the camera, not Alia of course!). Great photos of an absolutely beautiful setting. I hadn’t seen an almond blossom either. I’d probably be like Alia if I was there, pulling off petals and inspecting everything. She’s getting more gorgeous every day Andrea. Hugs xx

    • Loving my new toy!!!! Now I just need to get some new lenses – but that might have to wait a bit longer!! It was so beautiful to watch Alia and how curious she was with learning about the blossoms. She knew that she should be smelling them, and knew that in order to do that you put it to your nose, but then seeing her face come alive when she realised that they actually had a smell and watching her pull off the petals to try and work out where that smell was coming from was gorgeous. xx

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