The Children’s Museum comes to town

The Children’s Museum is located in Amman and although I have not yet visited from all reports it is a fantastic museum offering great learning experiences and opportunities for kids of all ages.

They have a Mobile Museum which travels around Jordan visiting under-served areas to extend the learning opportunities to more kids in the Kingdom. Last week the Museum was in Wadi Musa. Wadi Musa certainly fits the profile of under-served and I jumped at the chance to take Alia to something fun and exciting.

The Mobile Museum has different stations all with different themes that they set up in a community gymnasium or similar space. There are stations with themes of science, space, my body, around the town, lego and physical activities.

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Most of the activities were aimed for kids of 4+ years old but there was still enough to do to keep Alia entertained and having fun for well over an hour. It certainly helped that one of the Museum volunteers took a shine to Alia and played with her for nearly the whole time that we were there.

Children's Museum at Wadi Musa

Shopping with her cousin Sultan.

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Playing dress ups. This hat was the favourite.

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Playing hoops with the volunteer from the Museum.

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Playing at the physical activity station with Sultan.


9 responses to “The Children’s Museum comes to town

  1. [Big, big, big smile!] That young lady of yours had wonderful fun!! Beautiful to see!! A keeper for you: a keeper for me 😀 !!!!

  2. Such gorgeous photos Andrea! Aw, Alia is getting more and more beautiful by the day. Glad that she had the opportunity to play at the Mobile Museum. What a fantastic concept, I love it! xx

  3. Wonderful that these kind of experiences and mind-enhancing activities are spreading in the Middle-East 🙂

    • It certainly is great that there are things like this and it was really well received so hopefully this encourages the organisers and others to keep providing similar activities.

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