Rock Statues

All over Jordan, in fields, are silent sentries standing guard, some for centuries, whilst others have only recently taken up their post.

They fascinate and intrigue me as I imagine the hands that have fashioned these markers out of stones within reach.

Their purpose is varied. Some are given the important task of defining a boundary line, others are formed to clear the field of rocks, yet others, made years ago, their purpose forgotten and unknown.

Some stand tall and upright, proud in their vigil. There are those that are reduced to just a fallen pile of rocks by the forces of nature, hinting at their former glory.

These photos are of some of the more recent sentries, that have come into existence in a wheat field, near our house. They have been made to clear the field of recently surfaced rocks and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph them in the soft golden light of the setting sun.

_MG_2309 _MG_2310 _MG_2312 _MG_2314_MG_2316_MG_2331 _MG_2348

And a gorgeous sunset to finish my walk home.


10 responses to “Rock Statues

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images! I would love to live somewhere with that stunning view, how relaxing and peaceful 🙂 I see Jordan is quiet dry and has a rugged yet stunning terrain

    • Living on the edge of town and being able to walk no more than 5 mins to escape into the countryside is something I truly cherish. And I have to agree there is a rugged beauty in the starkness of the landscape – it certainly brings peace to my mind and heart.

  2. Beautiful photos throughout the day – that evening picture is just stunning . . . with all the horror happenings in the Middle East have oft thought of you and hoped they would not reach Jordan . . . greetings from springlike Australia . . .

    • Thanks Eha. Somewhat isolated from all the troubles that are happening around us here in Jordan in that Jordan is very much at peace, yet we are still affected with the continuing numbers of refugees from Syria and Iraq and it’s hard not to think about our neighbours to the west as I can see the lights from the settlements just across the wide expanse of Wadi Araba at night. Extremely grateful for being able to feel safe and secure.

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