Into the secret garden

As the heat rolls on in summer and the sun beats down relentlessly on the countryside scorching everything in its wake, brown is the colour that dominates the landscape. Sure in the gorgeous light of sunset the browns can appear in gold, bronze and copper hues, but for the large part of the waking hours it’s just brown and there is nothing beautiful about it. It’s lifeless, drab, uninspiring and on some days soul destroying.

It’s on days like those that I yearn for green. Green in all it’s colours and forms. The towering eucalypt trees, the green grass underfoot, the many textures and shapes of leaves on scrubs, plants and bushes. Green can soothe the soul, it’s life giving, peaceful, fresh and has the ability to restore the balance and bring harmony to oneself.

To this end I’ve found a “secret garden” to which I try to escape to as often as possible in Summer in Jordan. A short drive from where we live is a Wadi which I’ve written about before here and here. If gardens can be described as the “lungs for a city” then this wadi could be described as one of my lifelines in Wadi Musa.

This Summer my secret garden has come into it’s own. The abundant rain and cold snaps throughout Spring have aligned perfectly for a bumper crop of apples from the wild apple trees. An afternoon of picking apples straight from the tree and enjoying them whilst sitting in the dappled shade has restorative and curing properties from an overdose of “brown fever”.

The gnarly, knotted old apple tree. It’s been decades since anyone showed this old tree any care or attention which adds to it’s attractiveness for me. There’s something about eating apples straight from the tree, with their taste of yesteryear and all their imperfections and “organicness” (that is so a word!)

apple tree

The simple things – delighting in filling a basket with apples.

IMG_3548 IMG_3555 IMG_3558 IMG_3568

The girls playing ring-a-rosie in the “secret garden”

IMG_3575 IMG_3576 IMG_3578 IMG_3579

And off exploring and seeing what treasures the secret garden contains…


Giggles and games in the late afternoon sun (click on the image for full size)

the girls 4 photos

Indulging my love of taking photos in beautiful light in beautiful surrounds

IMG_3609  IMG_3617

Enjoying the taste of apples as good as they get.

IMG_3615 IMG_3614 IMG_3625IMG_3595-001 no sun spot


8 responses to “Into the secret garden

    • Thanks Joanne. I’m just starting to experiment with B&W photos and that last one was perfect for it. I’m a bit biased but totally agree that the two little girls are totally gorgeous. It was lovley to watch them explore and the delight in their faces with eating fruit straight from the trees. 🙂

      • Well, you definitely nailed the black and white with that last photo. I love B&W photography and how it can add extra depth to an already beautiful capture. Or especially when I’ve taken what should have been a gorgeous shot but looks so “average” UNTIL converting it to B&W!

        I think I’m repeating myself but the memories you’re creating for your daughter are absolutely wonderful, such an amazing way to grow and learn! 😉

  1. This is so, so beautiful. Alia is growing up so fast (and getting prettier by the day!). I know what you mean about the restorative qualities of rich green, growing plants and tranquility. I’ve been escaping to the garden a lot recently. Mostly due to being overloaded with thoughts (possibly having to move due to Aaron’s work; I must fb you!). As for apples, terra nothing like fresh from the tree! Glad that you’ve found a hideaway like this one ❤ xx

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