3 Years, 3 Countries, 3 Continents……3 Very different birthdays

Of all the places I’ve celebrated my birthday, my birthday three years ago would definitely rate as the most unique. I was in Libya. Not somewhere that I would have ever thought I would be celebrating my birthday. It was a wonderful day and certainly a birthday that I will never forget.

I got to see impressive Greek ruins of L’Atrun and Apollonia on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea which was a brilliant turquoise blue whilst spending the day with new friends on tour. Dinner was at a traditional Libyan restaurant in the town of Al Bayda with my tour leader surprising me with a delicious chocolate cake and being given a present from my friends on the tour group of yummy Libyan chocolates.


The ruins of the Byzantine Church at L’Atrun


Enjoying the view of the beautiful blue Mediterranean.

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The ruins at Apollonia


Not a bad view at the theatre at Apollonia.


Chocolate Birthday Cake Libyan style


My tour group through Libya.


Yummy Libyan chocolates.

2 years ago I celebrated my birthday back in Australia. Atef and I had made the trip back home so that he could met all my friends and family and I spent a lovely day having lunch at the Bendigo Art Gallery with my Mum, Dad, Atef and my Grandma.

Last year my birthday was my first as a mum. A quiet day with Atef and Alia.

Where are some of the more unusual place or ways that you have celebrated your birthday?

12 responses to “3 Years, 3 Countries, 3 Continents……3 Very different birthdays

  1. Beautiful pictures -thank you! I must visit Libya one day. I wonder what is the situation like there? Is it as safe as Jordan?
    I spent one of my best b’days in Sydney. We arrived in the morning (after a long flight from Europe) and the passport controller wished me happy birthday and welcome. My friends had booked us tickets to the Sydney Opera house in the evening and I just loved walking down to the harbor warm aussie sun on my face. Perfect.

    • I have spent some lovely memorable birthday’s around Sydney Harbour as well! Yours sounds like it was a perfect Australian birthday! Libya was a wonderful country to visit. I was there 3 years ago before all the troubles. Whilst I was there I never felt unsafe and the people were very welcoming and friendly. Not so sure that it would be like that now – sad as I would love to go back. I really loved it.

  2. Did you just celebrate your birthday? My birthday was Friday, and I spent as I love to do, in the countryside of Jordan. My husband and daughter went to Dibeen and ended at the Lebanese House restaurant in Jerash to have dinner with some friends. It was a lovely day.

    • Happy Birthday to you Melissa. Mine’s tomorrow. I’m celebrating by making a delicious, rich, chocolate cake and having some friends over. Your birthday sounds like it was a lovely day.

  3. As a tour leader I celebrated my birthday in Jordan. It was just one day too early to be in Petra and instead I was in a rather crummy hotel in Kerak. One of my group had a rat in her room and, knowing I was rodent phobic, decided not to spoil my birthday by telling me and sorted it out with the hotel manager. Instead, I got to celebrate with dear friends who had joined me on that particular trip and who brought out presents and cards from friends and family back home – lovely.

    • The hotels in Karak definitely do leave a lot to be desired! At least you had a good tour group made up of friends who brought out the touches of home for you. And it gives you a great story to tell now on your birthday. You certainly will never forget it!

  4. I always hope that my birthdays are some reflection of the emotional growth that I have accomplished through out the previous year. It is like I have made it to another year and I always do a secret congratulation for getting through the sticky situations and savor the great moments. Last year I celebrated my birthday far from home. I was in Mexico. I went to Freida Khalo’s blue house in Mexico City. It was a sunny day with the bluest sky and here I was visiting a famous artist’s house that I had always admired. It was amazing to see her art and her living quarters close up.. I got to see her famous bed and even her kitchen… Although I never had the opportunity to meet Frieda I feel some affiliation with her. Which is kind of odd because she was a revolutionary. I guess I hope to have a little bit of her magic and tenacity in my life.. She endured such pain and suffering in her physical body, mentally from not being able to have children and from her tumultuous marriage with her husband Diego. She is an inspiration really. So this was my b’day in 2012. Please keep up the great blogs. It is great to hear of a fellow Aussie’s life and experience living in Jordan.

  5. how bad am I….I called you Melissa….oh my gosh….Sorry….Happy birthday Andrea. Whoops….my bad…sorry….

    • No worries Tam. It’s the sort of thing that I do all the time! 🙂 I like using your birthday as way to look back and reflect your past year – both the good and the bad and give yourself a high five! Your birthday in Mexico sounds amazing and a very personal experience for you. I’ve never travelled to South America and it’s definitely on the to do list.

  6. First things first: Beautiful pictures! I am growing green with envy over those pictures at the sea!! Unusual way of celebrating Birthday: Last year, instead of having a treat with friends and family ( I am not really the celebrator), I invited my husband 🙂 on a trip to the Jungfraujoch – the highest mountain in Switzerland, which I hadn’t had the chance to visit earlier! There is a short post on it here: http://hanelstravels.wordpress.com/2013/04/13/unesco-swissalps-jungfrau/?preview=true&preview_id=444&preview_nonce=76c3726f7c

    • Now I’m the one to be envious. What a fantastic way to spend a birthday on the highest peak in Switzerland and so beautiful.
      The coastline of Libya was so spectacular all the way from Egypt to Tunisia. I do hope that I get to return one day. It’s up there with Morocco as my favourite out of all the countries that I’ve visited.

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