Jordan – full of the unexpected.

I’m sure that nearly everyone will be incredibly surprised at what was in the cage when Atef took Alia and I to show us what the neighbours had caught.

IMG_2951 - Copy IMG_2954 - Copy

This is a striped hyena which when I undertook some further research found out that it occurs throughout all of the country. This baby one was caught up in the hills just behind our house. I’m not sure what the people who caught it are intending to do with it, but generally hyenas are not viewed in best light by locals.

This is the first time that I’ve seen a striped hyena in Jordan but there have been several occasions when we’ve been sitting outside at night that we’ve heard them.

8 responses to “Jordan – full of the unexpected.

    • From what I gather there are old folklores about them that they hunt and kill men, but I’m not really sure. I contacted the RSCN to let them know that it was there as they are a protected species but not sure if they have done anything about it.

  1. Have never seen a hyena so close up before! Must have been an interesting experience! I agree with Jenny though, I do hope they don’t kill it! 😦 I appreciate it may be a nuisance to them but it really is such a beautiful creature!

    • I thought it was really beautiful as well. It was pretty distressed being so young and in a confined space. I contacted the Royal Society for Conservation and Nature so hopefully they looked into the matter or advised the people what to do.

  2. Wow, I’ve never actually seen a hyena up close (or at all! I’ve only ever seen them in The Lion King or on David Attenborough documentaries!). It’s a beautiful animal though. So small and cute (I’m a little sad for the tiny animal!) x

    • I was really sad for it as well. It was really distressed being in a small cage. I’m not sure how old this one would have been but hopefully old enough not to be still dependent on it’s mother. I had seen hyenas before when I was lucky enough to visit Africa and thought that were the most comical animals. 🙂

  3. Hyenas are anything but comical. A group of hyenas can bring down a man. A hungry (full grown) hyena can make off with a toddler. Hyenas are dangerous. (But that young one is beautiful)

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