Green Eating

Spring brings with it an abundance of green growth and it’s not only the sheep and goats that enjoy eating the green that is on offer.

A new snack that I’ve been introduced to here in Jordan is green Almonds.


Green almonds are picked at a stage of ripeness when the outer layer (hull) is green, soft and covered in a fuzzy coating.

IMG_7637_compressed IMG_7650_compressed

They are only available for the briefest of time in early Spring, ready about 3-4 weeks after the blossoms appear on tree. When they are first available the entire green almond can be enjoyed, fuzzy outer hull and all.  Eaten at this stage, biting into a green almond is a cross between an apple and an under ripe peach as they have a crunchy, watery texture and with an addictive tart, slighty sour, lip puckering taste.

IMG_7453_compressed IMG_7473_compressed

I enjoy them when they are served with some sea salt to dip the whole almond in which compliments the tart flavour and takes them to a whole other level.

The other way of eating green almonds is to run a paring knife around the outside, crack open the outer hull and remove and enjoy the immature nut. When the green almonds are picked in the early weeks of the season and eaten fresh the inside nut is squishy and filled with a jelly like substance giving it a look and texture not to dissimilar to a grape.  The taste of the immature nut is fresh and clean and similar in flavour to a honeydew melon that isn’t particularly sweet. As the season progresses the outer hull hardens and becomes bitter and inedible, but the soft milky white nut can still be enjoyed.

IMG_8038_compressed IMG_8039IMG_7479_compressed



16 responses to “Green Eating

    • It was all new to me until I came to Jordan. Because they are only available for the briefest of times and really need to be eaten fresh I think that you need to live within the vicinity of almond orchards to hunt this little treat out.

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. When I saw the first photograph I immediately thought of frozen grapes and wondered why they were in a wooden box but green almonds – WOW – how amazing! And your photographs – they are stunning – they make me want to act like our cats and start pawing the monitor for one. Please, please have one for me and I’ll have a Mohito for you (gotta keep the green theme going, lol!) 🙂

    • Thanks Joanne and I like your food swap deal! But I can’t help but think that maybe you got the better end of it 😉 Or even better how about see if you can hunt some green almonds out and have then dipped into the bowl of sea salt with that Mohito to accompany them – perfect cocktail party starter! 🙂

    • You would have laughed Sawsan if you saw me test and retest the almonds as the cogs in the brain were turning over to find the best match of how to describe the texture and taste 🙂

  2. Totally new to me and I DO have to make some enquiries! Sawsan knew, John is way ahead of me – go girl 🙂 !!

  3. I had no idea that green almonds could be eaten. In fact, I’ve never seen an almond inside an immature husk… this is a fascinating post! I definitely want to try these!! Yum! x

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