Sunset spectacular

At this time of year we can get some amazing sunsets. With the increased dust in the atmosphere the colours are incredibly vivid setting the sky on fire. Any clouds on the horizon and we are in for a treat as the light reflects and intensifies on the cloud formations.

Tonight was one of the best we have had so far this year.

I knew that we were in for something special when about 30 minutes before sunset the clouds started to build on the horizon in interesting patterns and streaks.

As is so often the case the best of the colours were seen after the sun had dipped below the mountains of Wadi Araba on the Israeli side.

The start of the sunset taken at 7:07pm

IMG_8736 - Copy

At it’s most intense and colourful at 7:14pm. (Apart from putting the mountains in the foreground in shadow in this picture the colours of the sky were not altered at all. It really was this vivid and intense tonight).


And as it’s starting to fade, but still beautiful 7:17pm



7 responses to “Sunset spectacular

  1. Absolutely beautiful! We have just lost our Summer Daylight Saving so it is dark soon after 6 pm!! Boo-hoo!!

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